Will Brexit Affect The Way We Vape?

Will Brexit affect how we vape?

As we all know, Brexit has been looming for some time and we’ve all got so many questions as to how it will affect us Vapers In the UK. 

Will we be able to get our fantastic imported devices?

Can we still enjoy our favourite flavours from Rope Cut, Fuu and Charlie’s Chalk Dust?
Will Vaping even survive?

The short answer is, of course!


But here’s what you need to know about the laws we currently face and speculation of how these will change post-brexit.

The EU regulation has changed the state of vaping since 2017 when the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) came into full effect which capped our tank sizes at 2mls of eLiquid, nicotine strengths to 10ml bottles and how vaping is advertised in the media along with the harm reduction of tobacco related products.

When leaving the EU, it’s more than likely that the regulations we face will change, it’s unlikely to be an immediate change but as reported in many articles, the regulations surrounding vaping are to be revised post-brexit by the Tobacco and Related Products Regulation who first implemented the TPD standards back in 2017.

Despite the TPD laws, The UK is still one the largest consumers of Vaping products and E-Cigarettes in Europe, which is the second biggest Vaping market behind the US.

All of these regulations discussed by the UK government would have a huge positive effect on the UK Vaping market which is expected to be the biggest growing market in the UK as it stands.

It has been said by the Pharmaceutical Journal that the government “will look to identify where we can sensibly deregulate without harming public health or where current EU regulations limit our ability to deal with tobacco.”

“The government’s goal will remain to achieve a proportionate approach to managing risk, one which protects the young and non-smokers, whilst giving smokers access to products which will reduce harm.”

The UK public’s view of Vaping is mixed with a huge number of our great British public agreeing with the plentiful studies showing that Vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco combustion cigarettes. Yet of course there’s a wide audience of people who see vaping in the same category as smoking and to speculate, this could be due to the educational barrier of Vaping being limited due to the EU law where vaping cannot be marketed and information cannot be shared the same way despite the UK being a world leader in the vaping sector. 

Some people think this could be due to how the media has turned people who may be on the fence of Vaping onto the other side with articles highlighting that Vaping can cause these mysterious illnesses which have in fact been proven to be due to illicit THC products found in black market items.

This could mean that if TPD is relaxed under new regulations. The education of Vaping can be more widely reached that more people will see the harm reduction benefits of switching from Tobacco cigarettes to Vaping devices. Especially since we’re currently in a mouth to lung pod heavy market that holds so many options and flavours which can fit nearly any smokers preference such as the Caliburn with Nicotine Salt E-Liquid and thin base eliquids.

Our opinions are similar to all Vapers, we hope that the new regulations that will trickle through will benefit us all such as larger tanks to fit more e-liquid, Premixed Nicotine in larger bottles of e-liquids to generate less plastic waste. But in order to keep harm reduction I believe we may see that certain laws such as the 20mg nicotine cap could stay to assist with harm reduction for many new Vapers.

For all TPD information please visit the Gov website and let us know what you think about the speculation of the regulation changes and how you would benefit in a perfect post-brexit Vaping life?

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