MTL vs DTL? Which Vaping Method Is Right For You?

Mouth to Lung Vaping or Direct to Lung Vaping is the method in which we inhale vapour from our Vape Devices and Mods. There are many different scenarios in which MTL Vaping or DTL Vaping will be effective and how to decide your preference based on your vape goals for your journey of quitting cigarettes.

Us vapers really get to enjoy a variety of different methods of how we enjoy our clouds. There are plenty of different ways MTL and DTL Vaping exist, keep reading to learn more!


Direct to Lung or Mouth to Lung Vaping for Pod devices, high powered tanks and vape devices

What is MTL Vaping?

MTL is the abbreviation for Mouth To Lung. Mouth to Lung describes the inhaling method of inhaling the vapour to your Mouth, and then inhaling the vapour into your Lungs before exhaling. This is the same method of inhaling that would be used with a traditional combustion tobacco cigarette. It's a familiar and comfortable method that is easily transferred to the vaping world with the array of devices available. Devices that utilise this method tend to be used at lower power outputs and produce a cloud similar to that of a cigarette. This is discreet and great for those using a higher strength of nicotine such as Nicotine Salt e-liquid. 

Mouth to Lung Vaping with Pods and Tanks for nicotine Salt and lower wattage vapingWhat makes the MTL method?

MTL Vaping is a method created via the air-flow of your vape tank or pod system.
Most pod systems have a restricted flow of vapour as standard to emulate Mouth To Lung inhaling just like a cigarette. That is why most Pod Kits and Starter Kits such as the Caliburn G are aimed towards those making the switch between smoking and Vaping. MTL Vaping isn't just for pod kits, there are many different vape tanks which offer MTL functionality such as the Aspire K3 Tank or Aspire Tigon Tank. This can be enabled by simply reducing the amount of airflow on the tank, usually by spinning the air-flow controller which can be located at the top or the bottom of your Vape Tank. MTL Vaping tends to be accomplished with lower wattage and a higher resistance coil of 0.8 ohm or greater. Mouth to Lung vaping is also suited to a narrower drip-tip or vaping mouth piece, This allows for a restricted flow of vapour to pass through from the Tank.


What is DTL Vaping?

DTL is the abbreviation of Direct to Lung. Direct to Lung is when you inhale vapour straight to your lungs and exhale with a greater cloud. This enables more, thicker vapour to enter your lungs unlike traditional cigarette smoking. This method of inhaling allows for large, non-discreet clouds.

 Direct to Lung Vaping for high powered vaping mods, tanks and devices

What makes the DTL method?

Direct to Lung Vaping is made with a larger amount of air-flow from your vape tank unlike MTL vape methods which require less air-flow from your vape tank. There are many vape kits which offer DTL vaping such as the Aspire Cleito Pro. When DTL vaping, it's common to find this enjoyable without nicotine at all or lower amounts of nicotine such as 1.5mg or 3mg strengths as when vaping at higher wattage, more vapour will be produced so Nicotine levels will feel a lot stronger, but this is again down to personal preference. Direct to Lung vaping tends to be used with Sub-Ohm vape kits at higher wattage with resistances of 0.6 ohm or less. Direct to Lung vaping is also suited to a wider drip-tip or vaping mouth piece, This allows for a larger flow of vapour to pass through from the Tank.

What is Restricted Direct To Lung? (RDTL)

Restricted Direct to Lung fills the space in-between MTL and DTL, this method allows for a smooth and restricted DTL inhale, many people enjoy using RDTL airflow for higher resistance, sub-ohm vaping with higher nicotine strength. This method is possible by adjusting the tank's airflow in-between that of DTL and MTL until you've found a comfortable inhale. This method works great with a variety of different tanks and drip-tips.

What is Loose Mouth To Lung (LMTL) 

Loose Mouth To Lung Vaping is similar to RDTL Vaping and allows for a draw slightly looser than MTL and is in a similar ballpark to RDTL which can be achieved by widening your airflow slightly from MTL. This inhaling method is enjoyable for Nicotine Salt and higher 

So MTL vs DTL?

The answer to Mouth to Lung vs Direct to Lung is completely up to you and what you enjoy. We recommend MTL for beginner vapers to help with the transition between Smoking Cigarettes and Vaping. If you've been Vaping for some time then there's no harm in experimenting with picking yourself up a DTL kit to enjoy the other methods of Vaping.




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