The best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Vapers!

Valentine’s Day 2021 is just around the corner and it’s always a great idea to get on the good side of your partner or friend! Sometimes a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers just isn’t individual enough for that special person in your life and the special person in your life is someone who vapes or is looking to quit smoking.
If you’re looking to earn some serious brownie points and really want to get into their good books, here’s the best gifts for a Vaper this Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Day E-liquid!

Sweet, succulent and gooey are the key choices in picking your partner some Valentine's Day ejuice and you’re in the right place for suggestions! These choices are great valentine’s day gifts for men and women!
As I’m sure you both want the air around you to smell fresh and sweet!


Strawberry and Cream by Aisu Yoguruto  



Strawberry and Cream by Aisu meets fresh and creamy with a hint of mint, this captures the sweet frosty taste of freshly plucked strawberries and creamy yoghurt, Strawberries and Cream are a Valentines Day all time favourite combination so this e-liquid holds its place in a love themed setting!
This is guaranteed to create fresh, delicious aroma which will be sure to spread the love this valentine's day! 






Caromel by Fuu



Caromel by Fuu is to replace that store bought box of Chocolates, why not give the gift of caramel sweetness this year with Caromel by Fuu! A french creation of the warm flavours of Vanilla, nougatine and shortbread to create a delicious, sweet treat to make any dessert vape lover smile with valentine’s day appreciation!






Rhubarb, Raspberry & Orange Blossom eLiquid by Ohm Boy Volume II



Rhubarb, Raspberry & Orange Blossom by Ohm Boy is the floral replacement to that store brought bouquet of flowers! This floral masterpiece consists of a tart Rhubarb layered with sweet Raspberry, delicately finished with the floral notes of Orange Blossom. This is available in 50ml Shortfill or Nicotine Salt as-well to match your Valentine’s preference! 







Pacha mama E-liquid Valentines Day Gifts for Him for Her, 50ml eliquid for subohm vape tanks

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit eLiquid by Pacha Mama 50ml



Strawberry Guava Jackfruit e-liquid is a gorgeous flavour by Pacha mama is a fruity trifecta of an experience. This intertwined sweet, sensual strawberry with sensational guava and tropical jackfruit for a flavor which fits right into the Valentine’s theme of sweet, juicy and full of surprises! 








Red Vape Angel Berry nicotine eliquid for vaping devices, great gifts for him or her this valentines day

Angel Berry by Red Vape



If you really want to make your valentine’s gift something for them to remember, Angel Berry by Red Vape takes a beautiful natural raspberry taste and splashes Dewberry and Blueberries with granny smith apple combined with a drop of naturally sweet Mentha Aquitica which is also known as water mint! The refreshing scent of this eliquid pleases everyone and the distinct minty flavour which is also used in mouthwashes and tea saves the very un-romantic cliche of the minty pocket mouth spray!






Mokasmo Eliquid for sub ohm vaping sakura cream valentines day gifts for him and her lvh vape house ltd

Sakura Cream Latte Shortfill eLiquid by Mokasmo 50ml



This year we might not be able to go for beautiful walks through the cities and go out for Dinner and walking through Chinatown to pick up a delicious Sakura Cream Latte, but don’t worry as Mokasmo have your Valentine’s Day wind down sorted with this delicious blend! Sakura cream Latte features a pink sakura cream topping a hot cup of milky coffee, it might not keep your hands warm but it’ll certainly fill the room with a delicious and soft aroma to wind down your Valentine’s event!



Valentine’s Day Vape Devices

Here’s the secret to picking the ultimate Valentine's Day gift for your significant other this year! The best Vaping devices for Him or Her, with colour options to match their vibe and really tailor the gift to make them smile this year!

If your partner isn’t a Vaper and they’re a smoker then a starter kit would be the best possible gift you could give them, The gift of change! If you need help picking their first kit, check out our article here which gives you an insight to what a beginner vaper will need!






Aspire Deco sub ohm vape kit perfect valentines day gift ideas for him or her lvh vape house ltd

The Deco Kit by Aspire - Only £25.99!



The Deco Kit by Aspire is a fantastic robust kit which available in 3 different colours to allow you to match it to your SO’s preference and is reasonably priced to make sure you don’t break the bank so you can still order dinner and spoil them!
This reliable sub-ohm kit combines style with performance! Suited for either an 18650 battery or a 21700 battery and paired with an Aspire Odan Evo Tank!
This is definitely a gift your loved ones will be over the moon with!






Beco bar vape device peach ice banana ice great valentines day gifts for him and her lvh vape house ltd

Disposable Beco Vape Bars


Beco Vape Bars aren’t designed to last a long time, but the short and sweet shelf life of this device is a great little Nicotine Salt solution to spice up your partners Vaping world! This device is also great if your partner is a smoker and needs a little taste of how much Vaping could help them or if you and your partner will be heading out somewhere and to simplify their pockets, a slim disposable device will allow them to enjoy their evening worry free of a cumbersome mod!






Vaporesso Gen S vape device mod for sub ohm vaping, smart device, perfect gifts for him and her lvh vape house ltd

Vaporesso Gen S Kit



If you want to provide your partner with the best of the best this year and really treat them to a good time then look no further as the Vaporesso Gen S Kit will be the Kit for them! Equipped with an AXON chip and an NRG-S tank which uses meshed coils, this device sports a whole range of exciting features that will brighten up your partner's day! This isn’t a short term device, this will last them for years to come and allows you to focus on their other hobbies next year! The Vaporesso Gen S is smart, sleek and sexy which ties in perfectly to a Valentine’s Day themed gift!






Valentine’s Day Vape Accessories

If you’re looking to include some cheap vaping presents to gift to your loved ones this year, here’s a short list of must-have accessories for your partner that don’t break the bank and will certainly put a smile on their face!

Vape Coils
If you're significant other has just received their order for E-liquid and everything  is already stocked up, and you're really stuck for choice. Why not sneak into your partner's Vape collection and identify which tank or pod system they use and pick them up some new Vape coils.



You can never have enough batteries if you’re a vaper, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of fully charged batteries ready to grab when time is of the essence and what better reminder to them when they’re rushing about to know it was bought with love from their significant other!
Or maybe you’re planning a weekend away once the lockdown is over and your partner may need a travel charger for their Vape Batteries!


Vape Cotton is extremely inexpensive and perfect for the hobbyist vaper! If you’ve seen your loved one tinkering around, rebuilding their coil then it’s a guaranteed winner to add to their series of gifts this year!

Vape Tools

Vape tools like the Coil Master Ceramic tweezers are must-have in all Vapers tool kits, if you’ve ever seen your loved one getting flustered over tight threading on a vape tank then this is going to be the solution to save them (and you) a lot of headache!

We hope this has helped you narrow down the perfect vape related gift for your loved ones this year, if you have any questions or need any help picking that last minute present, we're available to chat on our live chat, via email at or on the phone at either our Holborn or Richmond locations!

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