What are CBD Disposable Vapes? Where Can I buy Disposable Vapes with CBD in them?

You may have seen the term CBD Disposable Vape online and in advertisements and you may be left with some questions, 

What are CBD Disposable Vapes? Where Can I buy Disposable Vapes with CBD in them?

At London Vape House we have a variety of different CBD Disposable Vapes with a range of different CBD Strengths, CBD Types such as Full-Spectrum CBD and Broad-Spectrum CBD.

And you may be wondering, How do CBD Vapes work?

CBD Disposable Vapes operate just like all Disposable Vape devices which are growing in popularity and you may have seen Disposable Vapes such as Elf Bars and Geek Bars which are growing in popularity and can be found nearly everywhere! 

London Vape House, the Vape shop located in London with locations in Holborn and Richmond have a variety of Disposable Vapes and CBD Disposable vapes available. You can also get them online from our website located here

What's the difference between an Elf Bar and a CBD Disposable Vape?

The key differences between the standard disposable vapes such as Elf Bars and CBD Disposable Vapes such as those created by Graded Green are the content in inside the device. Standard disposable Vapes such as the Geekbar contain Nicotine, whereas CBD Disposable Vapes contain no Nicotine, but instead contain a concentration of CBD instead.

How do CBD Vapes work?

They're single-use devices which consist of a battery, CBD and an atomiser. The battery will power an atomiser which will create vapour from the CBD inside of the device. Meaning you can enjoy CBD on the go with a discreet, easy to use and compact device. The Graded Green CBD Disposable Vape uses Distillate Oil.

What is Distillate CBD Oil? Can it be Vaped?

CBD Distillate oil is not the same as normal CBD Oil. CBD Distillate oil is a purified extract which goes through a vigorous distillation process which is done by removing natural impurities in the Oil. CBD Distillate oil such as those found inside the Graded Green Disposable Vapes is a thick, golden and viscous oil. CBD Distillate Oil tends to contain around 45-80% CBD alongside other minor cannabinoids such as Cannabigerol which is also known as CBG.
Vaping CBD distillate oil is a very popular way of receiving cannabinoids in an effective method. As it is a very thick and purified natural oil, it can be vaped without the assistance of additives such as vegetable glycerin.


Do Disposable Vapes need to be charged?

Disposable Vapes do not need to be charged since their expected life-span will be the E-Liquid inside of the device. There is not usually a recharging port for them to be recharged however brands like Graded Green CBD include a charging port so you can enjoy every delicious drop of their CBD E-Liquid.



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